April 6, 2015
Dear Current and Past Members, and Friends of the Southwest Naturist Network,
For over ten years, SWNN has served the Southwest United States with clothing-optional activities and special events for members as far away as Ireland and Japan, representing ages from a few months old to over 90.  We have been a great family and have made lifetime friends while camping, hiking, sharing home parties, and visiting resorts together.
Our doors are now closing, and we can only express endless thanks to the countless members who have worked tirelessly to make it a great clothing-optional experience.  We will be contacting those who recently joined, or renewed their membership, to take care of business as the doors close, and we will send recommendations to our AANR and TNS members for clubs where they can transfer their member affiliation to continue their investment in the welfare of our international naturist community.
For those seeking specific information, the email address of News@SWNN.org will continue to be active until the end of the April.  Our web sites and Facebook presence have closed.  Individuals and organizations interested in purchasing domain names and store product are welcome to send email requests.
We recommend that you visit these fine organizations on the web:

The following domain names are for sale:


Contact domains@earthvillage.com for placing your bid on the names listed above.



Please note - all images and text in this web site are copyrighted by the Southwest Naturist Network and may not be copied, printed, or distributed in any form.  We strongly support and enforce privacy for our members and thank you for helping us meet that standard!